Friday, July 27, 2007


Are you a fan of the 70's Sid & Marty Kroft TV show "Land of The Lost"? Are your pants continually in danger of falling down? If so, this is the item for you: that's right, Sleestak belt-buckles!

I saw that these were being sold at this year's currently-under-way San Diego Comic Con, the annual huge convention of comics, film and all things beloved by geeks and increasingly, the mainstream. If you're heading there this weekend, be sure to stop by and say hi to some friends o' blogfoot, many of whom are linked on the right. King Mini, Sam Hiti, Brian Ewing and Big Time Attic will all be there flogging their wares. Buy some stuff from them so that their wives do not beat them with rolling pins when they get home.

Not able to make it to the big comic-con? No sweat. You can get your Sleestak belt buckles (sorry, no Chaka belt buckles at this time) at this website, where they also have buckles of Frankenstein, a cyclops and the chick robot from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis."


blogshoe said...

Hey those guys remind me of a blond headed backstabber.

BlogFoot said...

I think you're maybe confusing those with the "Skeksis" from Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal."

Anonymous said...

For $48.00 I think you could have Bill Laimbeer follow you around and hold your pants up can't you?

Blogfoot Bro.