Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who is "The Little Superstar"?

We know this much: he dances, he smokes, and he slaps people around. But many questions are still unanswered. Is he a rhythmically-gifted young boy? A skinny midget? Does he work for the lazy moustachied man with the boom box, or is that his father? And what kind of frickin' weird movies are they making over there in Bollywood anyway? See for yourselves if you dare, and attempt to divine the answers if you can!

See The Little Superstar get his groove on!

I love that the mom shows up at the end and shoes everyone away. "Urchins! Quit pestering you father with ths infernal breakdancing! Can't you see that he is exhausted from working at his recently-outsourced-from-United States-job?"

See The Little Superstar climb and slap a much larger man!

Blogfoot's Halloween Kostume Korner

All Hallow's Eve is just around the corner, kids. And I imagine many of you are going to wait until the last minute before running to Party City and plunking down $10 on a "70's Dude Afro Wig" that is only worthy of scorn and mockery (or the female version, which is to go as a "Sexy _____." The ______ meaning "take your cat, sexy maid, sexy pirate"...). But here at Blogfoot we care about your Halloween street cred, and thus, we will be posting suggestions for the unimaginative among you, leading up to the big day a mere month or so from now.

To this end, we present our first entry: Bigfoot! That's right,
true believers. For a mere $995 and another $40 for shipping, this strange, surely overwhelmingly hot costume can be yours via ebay. Click here to buy it now, then prowl the steets of your town, sweating profusely while causing mouths to gape and flashbulbs to pop.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I dig this photo

It's like a vagrant hobo-dog or something. The pooch seems to have fallen on hard times, and yet is there not a spark of hope in its eyes? Perhaps it hath spied a dropped morsel, mayhap a wayward chunk of sandwich or a misplaced glob of ice cream, which has caused her to recall the good old days and be flooded with an invigorating if all-too-fleeting sense of purpose?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I have seen the future...

...and it looks like this.

I can't wait! Sure, irradiated mutants are a pain in the ass, and food and fuel will be so scarce
that they will worth more than human life, but I'll get to fly around in a jetpack and my chimp and I will wear matching poly/cotton blend wash-and-wear multi-colored jumpsuits. It's gonna be great.

The above is actually a promotional still from a live-action Saturday morning TV show that aired from 1976-79 called "Ark II." It had a ham-fisted ecological bent, and concerned the crew of a cigar-shaped souped-up winnebago called the Ark II, and how they traveled over a post-apocalyptic landscape looking for plant life, human survivors and promoting peace and whatever. It was heavy on the morals and sadly light on special effects, an unfortunate hallmark of Filmation, the company that also produced "Shazam" (which also featured a tricked-out winnebago in a prominent role) and "Isis" from the same era. However, there were jetpacks and a talking chimp named Adam, which is all my 9 year-old self required. Hell, it's about all my 38 year-old self requires.

Adam the talking chimp smiles for the cameras

As a special blogfoot bonus, here are the opening credits for the show. It'll prime your pump for the DVD release in November.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The once and future Howard Dean

If you are convinced that the youth of our country is apathetic towards the political process, this will prove you wrong. It's a video of a co-worker's nephew watching Howard Dean's famously maniacal "Yeahh!" speech from the Democratic primary a couple of years ago. Enjoy.

Thanks to Melissa M. for the clip.

Grab your bows, it's Who season

Here's something for the young and young-at-heart who likes to hunt, kill and display: stuffed and mounted Dr. Seuss creatures. I can only assume that the gun used to take these animals down is really long with a trombone-type barrel at the end that literally spits out a giant round cannonball-type bullet. These animals are probably delicious, too.
In fact, I bet they taste like cotton candy.

I for one am glad to see someone wrest the legacy of Dr. Seuss away from the grimy neo-hippies who wear those tall, striped "Cat in the Hat" hats to Phish concerts and dance all weird while feeding their ferrets peyote buttons. Children should learn at an early age that even pretend animals are several notches below man on the rightful food chain. Did I mention that Sea Monkey packets sprinkled on popcorn is delicious? It's like brewer's yeast, but better.

You can see more of these whimsical, den-worthy creatures here.

Monday, September 18, 2006

"The Wire" is just too good

Season 4 of HBO's "The Wire" has just begun (episode 2 aired last night), and I must say that this show continues to rock my bleak world. The writing is just so strong and although it may irritate some people, I love that it disdains clumsy exposition and demands that the viewer pay attention. It juggles multiple lead and supporting characters, and conveys their voices, better than many if not most books. I shit you not.

On the surface you could say that it's a cop show....police trying to catch drug dealers. But that's really just the setting is uses to depict the modern American city as an institution, and show how it grinds down individuals of all stripes with the false promise of equal opportunity or forced compromise, that good people are capable of doing bad things and bad people are capable of doing good things, and how and why the worst aspects of business, politics, the economy and education are entrenched and resistant to positive change. It sounds depressing, but there is humanity and humor therein. It's really, really good.

The first 3 seasons are on DVD, so you can Netflix them or rent them. And you most certainly should. They are all excellent, and represent some of the best television ever filmed, in my humble opinion. This will be the last of my TV recommendations for a while, but I figure if you're going to watch something, you might as well watch something good.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"And with the first pick of the 2007 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select..."

These are the words that Packer fans will be waiting on with bated breath next April. And that's because the 2006 Green Bay Packers stink so bad that they will be picking first in the draft next year, as the worst team in the league is wont to do.

Writing these words does not make me happy. I love The Pack. But they have little to no talent on both sides of the ball and a rookie coach who makes Stanley Kowalski look like Keirkegaard. It's going to be a long season, and my wife and dogs should prepare themselves for plenty of yelling.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New "Galactica" webisodes now online

The new season of "Battlestar Galactica" starts on Friday October 6th, but to whet our appetites the SciFi channel is posting all-new webisodes every Tuesday and Thursday that depict the Cylon occupation of New Caprica and bridge last season to the new one. There will be 10 webisodes in all, collectively titled "The Resistance."

If you don't watch this show, you should. It's cool. Well written, well acted, and not what you'd expect if you've only seen the original lame 70's version (my wife is going to stab me with a scissors for saying that). No lasers, either. Bullets and nukes, dude. Bullets and nukes. It's a "re-imaging" rather than a remake, with an approach that creator / executive producer Ron Moore calls "naturalistic science fiction." It's shot with handheld cameras, there are no no bug-eyed monsters, the sets look functional and appropriately military, etc. And it's not just geeks like me (ie; the people who know what's up) who dig it: TIME magazine declared it best show on TV, the American Film Institute named the show to its list of the ten best shows on television, and other mainstream publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone magazine, and Newsday also named the series one of the best on television for 2005. And in 2006, the series won a prestigious Peabody Award in recognition of its creative excellence.

Check out the webisodes here. And rent the other 2.5 seasons from Netflix. And watch / TiVo the new season. Do it.