Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Grab your bows, it's Who season

Here's something for the young and young-at-heart who likes to hunt, kill and display: stuffed and mounted Dr. Seuss creatures. I can only assume that the gun used to take these animals down is really long with a trombone-type barrel at the end that literally spits out a giant round cannonball-type bullet. These animals are probably delicious, too.
In fact, I bet they taste like cotton candy.

I for one am glad to see someone wrest the legacy of Dr. Seuss away from the grimy neo-hippies who wear those tall, striped "Cat in the Hat" hats to Phish concerts and dance all weird while feeding their ferrets peyote buttons. Children should learn at an early age that even pretend animals are several notches below man on the rightful food chain. Did I mention that Sea Monkey packets sprinkled on popcorn is delicious? It's like brewer's yeast, but better.

You can see more of these whimsical, den-worthy creatures here.

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