Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who is "The Little Superstar"?

We know this much: he dances, he smokes, and he slaps people around. But many questions are still unanswered. Is he a rhythmically-gifted young boy? A skinny midget? Does he work for the lazy moustachied man with the boom box, or is that his father? And what kind of frickin' weird movies are they making over there in Bollywood anyway? See for yourselves if you dare, and attempt to divine the answers if you can!

See The Little Superstar get his groove on!

I love that the mom shows up at the end and shoes everyone away. "Urchins! Quit pestering you father with ths infernal breakdancing! Can't you see that he is exhausted from working at his recently-outsourced-from-United States-job?"

See The Little Superstar climb and slap a much larger man!

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