Monday, May 03, 2010

Giving back

Over the years I've nabbed plenty of gratis content from the interwebs. Music, movies, jpgs, etc. Well, throughout the years, one image has eluded me: a picture of the 3D King Kong poster included in a 1975 issue of Dynamite magazine (said poster hung on my bedroom wall for many years as a young lad in the mid 70's).

There was not one single image of this on the web. There were lots of people mentioning it in forums, bemoaning the fact that they lost it or their parents threw it away. But there was no image - until now.

I bought the issue off ebay, and luckily it still had the poster in it. Sadly, the 3D glasses were missing. But I will rectify that.

Now, just to make sure it shows up in google searches and future generations are satisfied, here are some keywords: 3D King Kong poster, Dynamite magazine 1975.

You're welcome.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So a lot of people are yakking about this NBC / Conan / Leno imbroglio, and no matter which side of the issue you care about (for instance, Leno stinks and is only for the aged or sweetly retarded), it has been undeniably fascinating to watch Conan's show over the last couple weeks. I can't think of any instance where someone is about to be terminated and yet has such a public forum to vent before even being dismissed. Basically, they told the guy he was going to be done on a certain date, then left him with a plugged-in mic, a camera, and budget. Since then he has dedicated almost every moment to attacking the network that (for now) signs his paycheck. Almost every joke concerns NBC's ineptitude, the band plays nothing but the most expensive-to-license songs (Zeppelin, Stones, Springsteen), comedy bits are conceived and aired based solely on how expensive they can be (like last night's $1.5 million Bugati mouse prop) and even the guests gang up on the network. I'm enjoying it, to say the least.

How do I do this again?

Oh, right - I type something, hit "publish post," and nobody reads it, because any readers I did have have migrated elsewhere for their blog needs in the 5 months since I last posted something. Got it.