Friday, September 21, 2007

Color me interested

Here's an attention-getting cover of an old comic book I saw up for grabs on ebay. I must say, the artist did a fine job of piquing my curiosity with this image. How many stories have you read that have an ape running amok on a pirate ship? Not nearly enough, I'd wager. Not to mention the title of the comic is "Airboy", which clearly implies the involvment of an aircraft of some sort. This story literally appears to have it all, or certainly all that a child in 1950 would require to be entertained. Well, all except cowboys, that is. But it's possible they crammed one of those into there too.

I'm thinking this is what goes down: Airboy's plane crashes at sea. He is adrift for a bit, but is then rescued by some modern-day pirates / brigands, who are illegally transporting orangutans from the island of Borneo. One of the apes breaks free and cuts a swath through the crew, leaving only Airboy to deal with the mutinous beast.

Upon further reflection, I'd better go bid on this.

And the winner of our unofficial "What's Going On In This Issue of Airboy?" contest is none other than our friend King Mini, who probably used the 1950 publication date shown on the cover to formulate the following two-fisted hypothesis:

"With Hitler and the Japs all but a fading memory, Airboy was reduced to battling the monkey pirate empire over some forgotten French-colonized banana plantation. He also battled a Yeti, a king cobra, and a door-to-door shoe salesman."

The auction ends in 1.5 days and I'm currently the high bidder, so we'll hopefully see soon enough.


Jamie Baker said...

Airboy was a great comic book. He flew in a plane that had flapping wings. His arch-nemesis was a hot Nazi-babe pilot called Valkyrie. Behold:

BlogFoot said...

I started reading about Airboy because I'm interested in "The Heap" back-up feature, about a swamp-creature that was once a man. But your description has sold me on the virtues of the title character.

Jamie Baker said...

was it the flapping-wings-plane or the Nazi-ette in jodpurs that won you over?

BlogFoot said...

Who can say whether it is the pancake or the syrup that is responsible for a taste explosion?

Jamie Baker said...

you are very wise, oh mighty BLOGFOOT.