Thursday, November 29, 2007

Klaus Kinski in action

I've blogged before about my fascination with the force of nature known as Klaus Kinski. A maniacal German actor who appeared in many Werner Herzog films, Klaus was a powerful performer who was completely mesmerizing on film, but more importantly, acted like a Tazmanian devil in real life. Here is a clip of his 1971 wedding to the second of his three wives. All is blissful and wedding-like...the happiest day of their lives...a celebration of love. Until the 00:16 mark, that is.


Will Dinski said...


This has inspired me to rent "My Best Fiend."

Have you seen it? Is it good?

Jeff said...

I love the panty shot by the cameraman. Here I thought it was recently where people went for the crotch photo ala Britney.

BlogFoot said...

"My Best Fiend" is awesome. Every Herzog movie with Kinski is great, in fact.