Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008: Do you know where your pants are?

I ask because as I recently arrived on the 5th floor hallway of the downtown parking ramp my car resides in, I was greated with a strange sight: a pair of dress pants (slacks, if you will) crumpled in the corner.

My mind reeled with questions: was Hank Pym recently in the area, and had cause to turn into Ant-Man, thus shrinking out of his clothes? No, that couldn't be it, because then a shirt and shoes would have been left behind. Was someone vaporized by some sort of futuristic weapon? Probably not, as there was none of the tell-tale dusty epidermal residue that vaporization usually leaves behind.

Well, I'm at a loss as to why a pair of pants would be left in a parking lot lobby. I guess this riddle will have to go unsolved. However, if a pair of pants recently fell off your body, they are right outside of the 5th floor elevators of Ramp B on 1st Ave and 5th street in downtown Minneapolis.


Jeff said...

Hey, I could use a new or slightly used and abandoned pair of pants. You can't beat that price.

BlogFoot said...

Unfortunately, I can't tell you what size they are. I didn't want to touch them, and there was no stick nearby that I could prod them with.

BlogFoot said...

But now that I think of it, I remember that they struck me as the pants of a somewhat, how shall we say, ample but not tall gentlemen. Possibly even pear-shaped. You know the type: size 40 W x 30 L.