Thursday, January 10, 2008

The winds of change bring...change, I suppose.

Mere days ago our guest room closet held the spoils of several decades of comic-book collecting. Neatly arranged in white boxes by publisher, they were always at the ready for perusal. Looking to read the "Serpent Crown Saga" from the mid-70's "Avengers" run? Easy to find, my friend. Thinking of looking over Berni Wrightson's legendary run on "Swamp Thing" #1-10? Why, it's right here. And hey, is that a complete run of Art Spiegelman's seminal "Raw" magazine? Well, yes it is. Feel free to look at them, but do be careful, as they are valuable. But those days are now gone. Whisked away like a pile of dog hair in the hallway. Now, that once-glorious closet looks like this:

That's right: a rack of baby clothes, in size order from newborn to 6-12 months. Nary a speck of Benday-dotted newsprint to be found.

I'll be in the basement if you need me.

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