Thursday, September 04, 2008

And another thing

Something else that has struck me as odd this week is another shrill refrain from all the RNC speeches: that the GOP believes in smaller government, that the GOP will reduce the size of the government, etc.

Well, consider this: the last time a Republican president left office with a smaller government than when he went in, it was the 1950's.

The GOP does not believe in or engender small government. The GOP likes the government to have no say in how businesses are run or regulated, but that's a whole different story.

That's the last of my scorching political commentary for now. I'll go back to posting Scooby-Doo clips.


Tbone said...

Nice bit of data mining! Unfortunately it seems we're missing quite a bit of the story. Cleary it depends how you are defining "government", taking inflation and population growth into account. Smaller can be a relative as well an absolute term. Without doubt when comparing Republican campaigns vs. the Democrats you'll "smaller" proposals and administrations come from the GOP. Think Regan cuts (military growth would be your government gain during his years), the Newt government shutdown and Pawlenty quickly turning around MN finances by cutting or holding the line on growth despite doom mongering from the DFL.

BlogFoot said...

Again, you miss my point in your zeal to defend your party. Are you saying that the government is smaller now? Because it isn't. Neither is the national debt. And why is smaller government necessarily better? Do you mail your letters via FedEx, or the cheaper, more-efficient post office that the federal government runs? I suspect the latter.

But, the simpler point is this: Blogfoot is intended to be a humorous venture, with a certain POV expressed on whatever subject may catch my eye at that moment. And what has caught my eye lately is a party that doesn't follow its core values as it used to, and obviously and in-arguably used its national platform to attack and distort rather than explain. Making fun of a guy for engaging in community service after college? Isn't that what politics, at it's core, is supposed to be about? Serving the will and the needs of the people? Not just the few, but the many? They painted in the broadest strokes they possibly could. They pandered.

I don't think the Dems have all the answers, nor do I think Obama is the Son of Man made flesh. But I do think he cares about people more than most people in his position. And I think he realizes and communicates that as a nation we undeniably need to give more of a shit about each other and try to insure the chance some sort of nominal prosperity for all, not just those who's gain a tremendous advantage via parental support until they are safely out of college and ensconced in their first home.

Jefferton said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one getting attacked. Maybe tbone should start his own blog so that we can actually hear some kind of solutions coming from the GOP side of things. We certainly didn't hear it at the Obama-bashing soiree.