Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Violent coffee commercials from the 50's with muppets

On the most recent episode of "Mad Men," the agency was pitching a large coffee account that wanted to reach a younger demographic. A mention was made of a failed previous attempt that featured puppets. Well, a little digging reveals that lo and behold, such a thing did exist.

These were done on the 50's for Wilkins Coffee, and featured muppets courtesy of a young Jim Henson. They are strangely violent, especially for the era:

These would be fun scripts to write:

MUPPET #1: Hey, do you like coffee?

MUPPET #2: No.

SFX: Blam! (Muppet #1 kills Muppet #2 with cannon).

Ah, the good old days.


RGame said...

Wow, drink Wilkins coffee or I'll murder you in a horrible fashion.

And after such gruesome violence, it ends with a simple pie in the face.

BlogFoot said...

A simple pie in the face was what started the whole Franco-Prussian war.