Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chivalry is not dead in Wisconsin. ( Or, "Unhand thy wand, base villain!" )

From the savage, untamed land of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, comes a tale of a chivalrous deed gone awry. A Mr. James Van Iveren, slayer of beasts and a man who treads the earth beneath his sandled feet, was sitting in his castle with his crown perched upon
a troubled brow, when he heard a woman screaming in the apartment above. Like any sensible barbarian / brigand, he grabbed his sword, bounded up the steps and kicked the door down, girding his loins for the battle that was to come. Instead of a maiden in the clutches of an evil wizard however, he found a man sitting on the floor watching a porn DVD.

Now Van Iveren is being charged with criminal trespass while using a dangerous weapon. Crom! The indignity!

You can read more details of this story here. Turns out the sword was actually a calvary sword, but I'm going to keep pretending it was a broadsword. Barbarians are much more interesting than the calvary.


blogfoot bro said...

I wonder if that crazy Robin Hood beard is his normal look or if he actually set that up for the photo

BlogFoot said...

Judging by the orange rainment he's wearing, I'm thinking that photo is what they call a mug shot.