Monday, March 05, 2007

Wanta Wampa

OK, read that headline again, but this time imagine the music / theme from the incredibly bouncy and catchy "Wanta Fanta?" soda commercials featuring a bunch of colorfully spandex-clad skanks gyrating around that blight TV and movie screens in the summertime. Witty, huh? No, you're right. It's not.

Anyway, the reason for the Wampa reference are these old behind the scenes photos from 1980, taken during the filming of "The Empire Strikes Back" that show an actor getting into a Wampa ice creature costume. This thing is huge! I really like the one where it shows the cables that are used to hoist him up. I want one of these that I can wear during the winter months when I shovel my driveway and walk my dog.

I'm presuming this full-body costume was used for the deleted "wampa attack en mass" sequence, as the only shots used in the final 1981 film are of a puppet/maquette head and arm. A sequence was filmed but not used that showed a bunch of Wampa ( A herd? A pack? A pride? A gaggle? ) attacking the rebel ice fortress right as the Imperial Walkers showed up. Jeez! A glimmer of this sequence can seen in the film, as R2-D2 rounds a corrider / passageway, and some snow dislodges and hits him in the head. The snow was dislodged due to some Wampa busting through the walls into the tunnel. True story.


giantmonster said...

hey - how about a linkback in your post? from one fellow sasquatch / bigfoot / yeti (wampa) fan to another?

BlogFoot said...

Sorry 'bout that Giant Monster, I didn't see you had posted those pics earlier. A buddy of mine emailed them to me. I'll be more diligent in the future.

RG said...

One of the best movies ever. But I'm glad they deleted that wampa attack scene.