Thursday, August 09, 2007

"It's bill-payin' time!"

You can keep your online bill paying and American flag stamps. Me? I'm going to mail out my bills stamped with the image of bashful Benjamin J. Grimm, aka the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing, courtesy the new Marvel super heroes stamps from the our friends at the United States Post Office. That's right true believers, now you can pay your cable bill with this sheet of 20 stamps featuring Marvel Comics characters. Actually, you get 10 character stamps, and 10 mini-cover reproductions of seminal issues. Although I'm pretty confused as to how and why the uber lame character of Spider-Woman ended up getting even one stamp, let alone two. Yeesh. I would have strongly preferred M.O.D.O.K.. Or even ROM Spaceknight.

I tell ya, I haven't been this excited by a stamp series since the awesome R. Buckminster Fuller stamp, pictured below. I mean, come on - he invented the geodesic dome (the only man-made structure that becomes proportionally stronger as it increases in size.), and his head is a geodesic dome! The stunning image used for this beauty of a stamp is by Russian illustrator Boris Artzybasheff and was orginally used as a cover to an issue of Time magazine way back in 1964. Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but Time magazine did used to have covers that weren't about Iraq.


Kyle said...

I was pretty excited when I bought stamps and saw the Marvel respect. But I was a bit dismayed at the snub to Daredevil. Prolly because of the crappy movie depiction. Damn you Ben Affleck.

I also would have enjoyed seeing someone like Polaris or Hawkeye. Or what about the whole West Coast Avengers gang?!?! Man. So much possibility.

Anonymous said...

Well, you do get a Daredevil cover, even if it's only because of an Elektra appearance on it.

But that giant Jack Kirby Thing stamp makes me forgive all.