Monday, August 13, 2007

This looks promising

And by that I mean "could be one of the greatest things ever put to paper." It's a huge hardcover book covering the life and career of Eiji Tsuburaya, the man who created the special effects for all the classic Godzilla movies as well as the "Ultraman" TV show from the 60's and the previously blogged-about "War of the Gargantuas." Here's the advance description from Amazon:

Behind-the-scenes hero to anyone who's thrilled by giant monsters duking it out over Tokyo, Eiji Tsuburaya was the visual effects mastermind behind Godzilla, Ultraman, and numerous Japanese science fiction movies and TV shows beloved around the world. The first book on this legendary film figure in English, this highly visual biography details his fascinating life and career, featuring hundreds of film stills, posters, concept art, and delightful on-set photos of Tsuburaya prompting monsters to crush landmark buildings. A must-have for fans, this towering tribute also features profiles of Tsuburaya's film collaborators, details on his key films and shows (most available on DVD), and features on the enduring popularity of the characters he helped create.

"Must have" indeed! The cover alone already has me salivating. The image of the classy-looking Mr. Tsuburaya giving direction to Ultraman (no doubt telling him what cardboard building to step on) is nice enough, but I really like the guy in the rubber monster suit standing in the background, waiting patiently for the cameras to roll and wondering when they'll break for lunch.

***Special note to Mrs. Blogfoot - this book will be released 2 days before my birthday.***

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Vincent said...

I tried to buy this book at San Diego but all they had was an advance copy to torture me with. It has lots of full page photos spanning several decades. I can't wait to borrow your copy.