Friday, January 23, 2009

Fire your research department

So last week I was about to go to bed (growl!) when I noticed that the Biography Channel had a show on Andre the Giant coming up. My curiosity was piqued but I was sleepy, so I hit the ol' record button of the DVR. Well, I got around to watching it the other day and was shocked and chagrined to discover that no mention was made of Andre playing the Bionic Bigfoot on multiple episodes of "The Six Million Dollar Man" in the 70's.

This is fairly unforgivable. Although I appreciate the program dedicating a good portion of it's time to analyzing how much food and liquor Andre could consume, to leave out Bionic Bigfoot is just shabby journalism.

Speaking of "The Six Million Dollar Man" - why isn't that show out on DVD by now? All you can get are crummy bootleg DVDs at sci-fi conventions and blurry bit-torrents (my preferred format, as it's "more free" than the bootleg DVDs).

Anyway, I will now do what the cowards at Biography could / would not do: pay homage to Andre's Bionic Bigfoot.


Jp Pollard said...

A friend of mine inherited a box of bootleg dvds which we sorted through a while back (a bunch of cool Russ Meyer flicks and obscure Tom Waits films).

One was titled, simply, "bigfoot". We popped it in and it turned out to be one of these six million dollar episodes. Neither of us had ever seen/heard about this, but we had seen the Venture Bros. which pays homage to it, never realizing why Lee Majors would be paired with Bigfoot.

Point being, I too saw this Andre biography a few years back, prior to The Venture Bros. episode, and am living proof of Biogrpahy's ineptitude.

EJ said...

The photo gave it all away! I was happily showing everyone in the room the promo shot and demanding- who is this famous dead guy?!?

EJ said...

The photo stole all of your thunder. I was so happy to see Lee and Andre that I was showing my laptop screen to everyone in the room demanding "Who is this famous dead guy?"

BlogFoot said...

Dang - I haven't seen that particular Venture Bros. episode. Netflix, here I come.