Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I want

I will pay a king's ransom* to the person who finds me one of these vintage "Any Which Way You Can" iron-ons. And yes, I do like that this iron-on is for the sequel. Because I find "Any Which Way" superior to "Every Which Way But Loose." Not only does it have Clint Eastwood singing (well, sorta) a duet with Ray Charles over the opening credits (the haunting and elegiac "Beers To You"), but he second is a far looser film, and with the characters already firmly established, is thus is free to plunge headlong into outright surrealism. The first film, although certainly goofy, hews a little too closely to reality at times for a movie about a bare-knuckle boxer with an orangutan sidekick. However, both unfortunately feature Sandra Locke singing.

*"King's ransom" is subject to definition by Blogfoot Inc and may be limited to a sincere "thanks" in the comments section.

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