Thursday, January 15, 2009

Various images of interest from across the vast electronic ether

First off, here's a poster for legendary German thespian Klaus Kinski's early 70's one-man show, where he toured as Jesus Christ and howled at audiences in a guttural fashion. Klaus's Jesus was apparently having none of that "turn the other cheek" nonsense.

I don't know about you, but seeing that playbill outside a theatre would make me whip out my wallet and hurl my money at the cashier. Then I would elbow other patrons out of the way and rush to my front row seat, chomping on my popcorn in rapt anticipation the whole time.

Next we have an old paperback book cover from 1968 for a hard-to-find Captain America novel (!). I like the old pulpy look - although I thought Cap always disdained guns. What I like is that the illustrator obviously got a model and shot reference photos (a common practice at the time), and made the guy wear underwear on the outside of his pants. It's a pretty sweet illustration though - and I'd love to read this book, but copies of it online start at $25, so no deal.

And finally we have some images from artist Michael Paulus, who boldly opines on what Charlie Brown's skeletal structure might look like, were he a creature of flesh-and-blood rather than ink.

Pretty neat. You can see more of Michael's work here.

That's all I have on my desktop right now. Thanks, interwebs!

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