Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stan Lee is punk rock

Here is a picture of comics legend Stan Lee giving "the finger" to a photographer. Johnny Cash has got nothing on Smilin' Stan. I notice there is a "Spider-man" poster in the background, which leads me to postulate the following: Stan was in attendance at the premiere of the "Spider-Man" movie, and thought it would be cool to make Spidey's web-slinging hand gesture (which is actually a palms-up version of the popular rock on / demonic hand gesture thingy) at the camera, but he forgot how to do it because he's old, and old people forget things. But I do think that the Members Only jacket really adds a nice air of menace to the proceedings.


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BlogFoot said...

I love your spam, very uninteresting!

blogfoot bro said...

After those movies, he is the man in the black.

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