Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adult education is a good thing

You caffeine-starved rat racers can have your MBA's earned at night. Tonight me, the wife and some friends begin a grueling 3-night, $25 course at Minneapolis Community College entitled "Lake Monsters, Bigfoot and UFO's." I can't imagine what anyone could possibly teach me about any of those subjects, especially Bigfoot, but I decided to go along for entertainment purposes.

I'm thinking that I should view my role as that of Thorton Melon (that's Rodney Dangerfield to you) in "Back To School" as he sat in the lecture hall throwing zingers at the stuffy professor's outmoded views and theories of modern business practices. Yes, I think that's a fine idea. Now that I think of it, wearing sunglasses and a bathrobe would probably take things up a notch as well.


Will Dinski said...

Oh man. You guys are definitely going to get yelled at for talking in class.

I hope there is a textbook.

blogfoot bro said...

I hope Mom doesn't find out you guys blew 50 bucks on this, oh man.