Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I thought he was dead

My favorite recent news blurb, straight from the think tank of Florida:

"A Brevard County doctor dressed like Captain America was arrested after police say he pulled a burrito out of his tights and groped a woman."

Read the entire sordid and rather unpatriotic account here.


Anonymous said...

He's smiling just like someone who pulled a burrito out of his pants.

BlogFoot said...

Our art department is adept at scouring the file cabinets for just the right image.

Anonymous said...

Even funnier - on radio they said there were several Captain Americas at the party, so cops had to round them up and have a Captain America lineup in the parking lot for victim to identify the perp.

BlogFoot said...

I'm guessing it was fairly easy to pick out the Captain America with the refried bean stain on his nether regions.