Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They don't make 'em like this anymore

Which is too bad, because I would buy any magazine that depicts a man fighting an octopus on the cover. In fact, I would happily subscribe to monthly magazine titled "Man VS. Octopus Digest" if such a thing existed.

The other thing I like about this cover so much is the title: "Man's Conquest." What power those words contain! And the editorial freedom the title provides must have been a boon to its contributors. In mean, man conquers just about anything, so anything is fair game. You could have a guy stepping on an ant on the cover and it would pass muster in terms of journalistic accuracy (it would just be a challenging assignment for the illustrator.) And the other other thing I like is that although it's a magazine, it looks just like a G.I Joe box.

Thanks to Poulpe Pulps via Boing Boing for the pic. Pouple Pulps has a giant gallery of covers through the years that depict mankind engaged in all sorts of struggles with tentacled fiends of various sizes. It's a beautiful thing, and you can gaze upon its wonders here.

For those too lazy to click through, here are some others from the octopus gallery that I enjoyed (click on pics to embiggen).

Truly, "Don Winslow of the Navy" is the greatest title in comic book history. Although I always preferred "Ralph Schneider of the Neighborhood Watch Patrol."

Any experienced newstand operator will tell you:
chicks in swimsuits + octopus = ringing cash registers.

Followed by it's equally memorable sequel "I Use A Fork To Eat."

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