Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let me take a wild guess...your favorite comic book character is..."The Punisher"?

Here's an interesting listing on Craigslist forwarded to me by my pal at Big Brain Comics, easily one the finest comic stores in this great country of ours. It's a listing to sell a not-very-large comic book collection. But it's the last sentence that really makes it sing:

352 comics assembled by professional comic collector. Books range from
mid 70's to early 80's & are in absolute pristine condition. Many 1st
editions & collector editions. AC, Atlas, Cadillac, Comico, Continuity,
DC, Deluxe, Eagle, Eclipse, Epic, First, JC, Maevel, Pacific, PC,
Red Circle, & Spectrum. Face value of books is approx. $400, will sell
for $250, or will consider trade (+/-) for modern pistol or rifle.


1 comment:

revengethroughbetterliving said...

Maybe he's looking for a way out. Maybe...he hates his family and doesn't want any of them to get their VG-NM hands on his NM-M comic books(according to Overstreet.). That's his one last request before he exits this world in search of a better and more accepting one.
Don't hate.