Friday, May 04, 2007

Countown to meeting Kirk & Spock: T minus 72 hours

This Sunday will be a special day, as Mrs. Blogfoot and I have paid through the nose to have our picture taken with both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy at a Star Trek convention here in the Twin Cities. That's right - both at the same time. Truly a rariety, even in the annals of weird & obsessive sci-fi fans. And before you hurl derision at me, it was my wife's idea. She's a big OS fan (orginal series, duh) and is super-excited to say the least.

The question is: what color shirt will really pop off of a cobalt blue outer space backdrop? I don't own any gold clothing.


Blogshoe said...

I would go with the gray bigfoot bowling t-shirt to show your true allegiances.

BlogFoot said...

I think I'll just wear my Mork costume.

giantmonster said...

i am jealous, but i have a mortgage payment to contend with. i think you should dress as a horta and keep repeating the phase 'NO KILL I.'

whatever you do, don't mention this.