Thursday, May 03, 2007

The perfect headline

Here's an ad from the 1960's for a Tarzan model kit produced by the fine folks at the Aurora Plastics Corp. I salute the copywriter who spent all of seven seconds coming up with this headline and then headed out for a three-martini lunch. Once in while you have to just ignore the inner voice that's telling you to keep pushing for something better, because sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one.


Shad said...

Don't revise history to make it look so effortless. It started with "Model Kit, for all of your Tarzan needs" and ended with "Tarzan, He's not just for not plastic anymore."

The client approved "Tarzan, 1:16th scale tall buildings in a single bound." Then legal asked for a change.

"Me Tarzan you build" came AFTER the three martini lunch.

BlogFoot said...

As one who practically sneezes greatness on a daily basis, I can tell you that it is pretty much effortless.