Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Something I've always wanted to do

This fantasy involves a job interview. I've always wanted to show up for a job interview and once I meet the person who will be interviewing me, immediately ask if they have a restroom I could use. I would then excuse myself and go into the bathroom for a good 10 minutes or so, keeping the person waiting and making them think I was taking a nice, long crap. Once I exited the bathroom I would make no mention of the fact that I had been gone for 10 minutes, kept them waiting, or anything. I would just say something like, "So - where were we?"

I really want to do this someday.


RGame said...

You're either way too obsessed about interviewers or ten-minute craps.

BlogFoot said...

I'm actually pretty indifferent to 10-minute craps.

But 20-minutes craps - now there's a subject a fella can obsess about.