Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dude named "Uncle" who recently commented, please contact me

I was moderating my comments this morning (all 2 of them - boy, you people are an opinionated lot. Real firecrackers, you are.), and I found this one, which almost made me spit out my coffee:

"I worked odd jobs at JCPenney (late 70's at "Apache Plaza" in St. Anthony, MN) and one of the oddest was wearing the Super Dennis robot costume around the store. "Super Denims" were JCPenney kids jeans."

Alright - a local boy! This comment was left in the last day or so, but was in response to some older posts regarding me trying to figure out if there really was a Robot used to advertise a line of children's jeans in the 70's or if I imagined the whole thing while in the throes of a chickenpox-related fever dream. Actually I know it existed, but I have been unable to find any proof on this worthless thing called the web that's supposed to be such a resource. If you're unfamilar with this story, previous posts are here and here.

Uncle, whoever you are, your blogger profile is disabled, so contact me so we can discuss further. And please tell me you have a photo of yourself in said robot costume. Blogfoot would pay handsomely (say, $5 or so - I'm the J. Jonah Jamenson of the internet!) for the rights to publish such a photo. Just leave a comment for this post with your email, and I'll email you and delete the comment.

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