Monday, June 09, 2008

I call that a bargain

I don't know how many of you watched the first two episodes of the new Discovery Channel series about NASA called "When We Left Earth" last night, but it was straight-up awesome. Tons of great archival footage and commentary from titans of the field like Gene Krantz and assorted astronauts who were right in the thick of things. The series continues next Sunday and is essential viewing, in our humble opinion.

On a related note, I was ordering the DVD of said episodes of the Discovery Channel website, and I noticed they had a link to for a fantastic item I already have called "America in Space: NASA's First 50 Years," a giant picture book whose title should pretty much explain itself to all but the densest among you. What raised my eyebrows is that this huge $50 book is currently a mere $10 at Amazon! Yowsa, wotta deal! I don't want to shill for a corporation, but that's just too darned cheap not to spread the word about. I'm assuming it's due to the Discovery Series, but who knows why, and who knows how long it will last. Check it out.

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