Monday, June 30, 2008

You tell 'em, grandma!

So while checking the online price of the "Mad Men" Season 1 DVD set at Amazon, I decided to read some of the user reviews. I didn't have to scroll down very far before I found this rage-fueled gem, obviously submitted by a 117 year-old woman who probably hasn't had a good laugh since Uncle Miltie last wore a dress. Here is her acerbic review:

Sad to see a show that glorifies drug use!

Some interesting writing and acting ruined by use of the tobacco and alcohol drugs. Just as the movies are FINALLY starting to clean up their act with these drugs, this series comes along and almost tries to glorify them. Both drugs are weapons of mass destruction, especially tobacco. I'm sure the tobacco and alcohol pushers are happy with this series!

Jeez- heaven help this crone if she ever stumbles upon an episode of "Nip/Tuck."

But I'm glad she shined a cold revealing light on a sinister and oft-ignored blight of modern society - the alcohol pushers! They lurk on every corner, whispering to me as I walk the filth-strewn streets of this decaying metropolis. They keep trying to push their alcohol on me, but I am strong. Begone, alcohol pushers!

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