Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Does anybody know what this thing is?

Pictured above is something that sits in the driveway of some old people that live about a block away from me. It has sat there for the 2 years that I have lived in the neighborhood. I have never seen the inhabitants outside the house or I would ask them what this thing is. I only know that old people live there because when I took these pictures I saw an old lady looking out the window and giving me the stink eye.
I imagine she called the cops soon after.

I originally postulated that it was some sort of lunar outhouse, perhaps purchased from a Worlds Fair. Then my wife noticed that the logo on the side had a map of Antartica. So who knows. All I know is that I'm dying to going in it and take a crap.

Any theories / info would be appreciated and will earn the contributor a coveted Marvel Comics No-Prize.


Will Dinski said...

A radio transmission station? Or maybe it's the guest house.

Anonymous said...

That's clearly a carnival ride from the Antarctica! I bet their son was a carny side show freak and they decided to bury him in it. I'm going to report them!

A cool co-worker :)

Almost Ghetto said...

Maybe the old lady has her husband cryogenically frozen in there. The steps and door are so that she can view his frozen undead body and think about memories past.

BlogFoot said...

Interesting. I will peak in the window port tomorrow when I walk my dog and see if I can detect an old man therein. Perhaps Walt Disney and Ted Williams are crammed in there too - like a 1950's "let's see how many people we can stuff into a phone booth" stunt gone horribly awry.

L*U*K*E said...

Well, I've dug up this much so far: