Saturday, January 27, 2007

That ain't right

From the wilds of the Pacific Northwest comes the sad tale of the brazen theft of a large wooden Bigfoot scuplture from a local chiropractor's office (I don't know about you, but I would patronize just about any business that had a giant Bigfoot statue in front of it. Accountant, lawyer, bank-doesn't matter. I would go there.). The heartless thieves made off with the local landmark in the middle of the night, leaving only tire tracks and stunning owner Tim Payne, who's had the carving for more than 5 years in front of his office in the bustling metropolis of Federal Way, somewhere near Tacoma, WA.

The 8-foot tall carving had served as signpost as sorts over the years, and even police had used it as a marker for giving directions and finding stranded motorists. That means people were constantly saying things like "just go three blocks and take a right at the Bigfoot", which is awesome.

Is nothing sacred? Steal all the diamonds, cash and copper-wiring out of houses that you can carry, vile gangsters and meth-heads. But leave Bigfoot alone.

You can read more about this tragic story here.

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