Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Yawn...what else ya got?"

Below is a clip I found on youtube yesterday of Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing the first ipod in a MacWorld keynote address back in 2001.

You've no doubt seen this years keynote, where Jobs unveiled the much-ballyhooed iphone to a worshipful, rabid throng that was cheering with the unblinking faithfulness previously enjoyed by only a few people on the planet (The Rev. Jim Jones, Hitler, etc). If not, you can see it on Apple's website.

What's funny about this clip from 2001 is that no one in the room seems impressed by the ipod. They barely seem to give a shit. I kept waiting for the dark outlines of people to get up and leave, or rotten produce to start raining upon him. It's quite apparent that the crowd of 37 people in attendance were completely nonplussed with Steve's first efforts at pushing Apple Computer towards the media/content driven company he is wisely molding it to be.

100 million ipods sold later, it's a different story. Watch this year's keynote / iphone unveiling, and I swear you can see people feverishly jerking off to Jobs' every word in the crowd shots. He could passed around a church collection plate with an Apple logo on it and people would have tossed their wallets in it. Hell, he could have had a guy with an apple shop vac just sucking the money right out of people's pockets. And this year's seems to take place in a stadium, akin to a Billy Graham revival, unlike the ipod keynote, which looks like Conference Room B of a Ramada Inn.

What a difference six years makes. Except for clothing, that is. Because Jobs is still wearing the same outfit.


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