Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last night in "Gears of War:"

I found a weapon called "The Hammer of Dawn." When I picked it up, the game said (via onscreen instructions) that it would only work outside with a clear signal. Interesting. So I took it outside and aimed it at a large, writhing creature that was a couple of blocks away. A thin red laser came out of the rifle. After a couple of seconds of keeping the red laser trained on the creature, I heard a beeping. Then, a satellite in the sky honed in on my target signal, and sent down a large beam that obliterated said writhing mass.

It was awesome.


Ann said...

I think you should be spending less time playing video games and more time getting into that polar observatory down the street. I am dying to see the inside.

Jamie Baker said...

careful what you say to him, lest he bring the HAMMER OF DAWN down upon you

BlogFoot said...

Maybe they'll come out with a "Get Into The Polar Observatory Down the Street" game for the 360.