Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Absolutely pure, staggeringly powerful and utterly magnificent

OK, I generally try and keep the "Tales From the Advertising World" stuff on here to an absolute minimum, but today I found myself exposed to something so right, so true, that I feel compelled to share.

First, a little back story: I recently recorded a radio spot for a client of ours. It turned out funny. The client called after hearing the spot (which was recorded exactly as approved by them), deciding that the joke at the end was to absurd for their tastes, and could we make it less so, etc, etc. My argument about the spot needing to build and have a payoff in order to be effective having fallen on deaf ears, I sent them options from the original draft. They rejected these as "too flat." My second argument regarding there being very little middle ground in these matters (something is either absurd or it's not) was also brushed aside, and a beautiful piece of guidance was then bestowed upon me.

Are you ready? Here it is. I was told to:

"Err on the more humorous side of the middle."

There you have it. My business in a nutshell. Writ large, as they say.
A phrase such as this only comes along once every decade or so. It truly says it all. No, scratch that. It shouts it - loudly, defiantly, and to the heavens.

I love this. I'm not only going to have this mantra for the ages screened on a t-shirt, I'm going to get it tattooed on my back.


Jamie Baker said...

that would also be a good title for a blog.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Good god. If you print t-shirts, I'll buy one. Holli Maines sent me to your site. Good work. I now carry a great deal less shame for having watched Road House at least three times.

Holli Maines said...

At least they didn't tell you to make the logo bigger.