Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Putting his credentials on the table

OK, so I was over at the BFRO / Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website doing my weekly check of their updated sightings database, and I found something amusing (something more amusing than scores of people writing in to report seeing a giant hairy monster wandering across highways, that is).

Now the sightings database is fairly well organized, and breaks the sightings down into date, province, description, other witnesses, time and conditions and other sections the reportee must fill out. So I was reading a write-up of a sighting from British Columbia circa 2003 or so, and when I got to the "Other Stories" line, what I found there made me bust out laughing.

Go forth and do likewise here.

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RGame said...

Bigfoot isn't retarded. That was Ogre in the bushes.