Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally, some clarity

We've all been there: you open the funny pages in your local paper, and are immediately drawn in by the appealingly loose brush strokes of Brad Anderson's long-running single-panel comic "Marmaduke." And although you recognize that at it's core it concerns the misadventures of a comically large Great Dane, the obtuse and skillfully crafted jokes often go over your head. Well, help is here, in the form of this handy blog.


tim sievert said...

Finally is right!

BlogFoot said...

For all the comic-inclined blogfoot readers out there, above commenter Tim Sievert is about to have his splendid-looking new graphic novel "That Salty Air" released by Top Shelf in the next week or so. It's about a man and the ocean, and I've seen a sampling of great pages from it. Plus, it has an octopus, which means its cool. Look for it at finer stores that sell ink-imprinted, bound papyrus.