Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These kids nowadays

So I have this nephew (or rather, my wife has a nephew, who became my nephew via marriage, along with a chihuahua, which became my dog. Thus was my dowry). This nephew goes to the University of Minnesota and lives in the dorms. And he recently relayed to me a sorry tale that forced me to re-assess all of my previously held views of the cosmos.

Said nephew plays the guitar. He's pretty good at it, and likes the punk rock, which is cool. Time was, being able to play guitar with a level of proficiency was a good thing, as far as the ladies went. Chicks dug the lute-strummers among us. Panties were thrown, eyelashes were batted, backstage passes were sought after, etc.

Apparently this is no longer the case.

My nephew was playing his guitar in his dorm room with the door open. I'm assuming he was playing through his amp, so that the sound carried. A co-ed girl-type creature wandered in. And then, this disgustipating scene played out.

CO-ED: (excited) "Hey, are you playing Guitar Hero?!"

NEPHEW: "No, I'm actually playing a guitar."

CO-ED: (disappointed) "Oh."

CUT: Co-ed leaves room, leaving nephew dazed and yes, confused.

The End. Any further editorializing on my part would be superfluous. But I do have a message to impart to my nephew, and it is this: get thee to a Best Buy.


Will Dinski said...

Shoulda said:

"I'm not playing a guitar hero, baby. I AM one."

Ugly Juice said...

Hard to think of a better commentary on the human condition.