Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gott in Himmel!

So yesterday I was excited to learn via an email update from the fine, upstanding folks at Ticketmaster that legendary German techno-music pioneers Kraftwerk were making a rare exodus from the Fatherland and not only touring, but actually bringing their catalog of highly-efficient mechanized ditties to the Twin Cities area.

This excitement was short-lived however. After conferring with a friend and deciding that yes, we should go to this, I followed a link to a ticket-selling website and was walloped by a blitzkrieg of gestalt. The ticket prices were as follows:

$129 - General Admission

$224 - Floor area

Mein Gott! For those of you keeping track, that's 163.42925 Deutsch marks for general admission, and 283.78507 marks for the floor area. Well, that's classic German engineering for you - reliable yet expensive. To make it even more culturally authentic, there are no seats at the venue, so you must pay a fortune to stand at rapt attention while bobbing your head in perfect time with the other attendees.

That said, I still really want to go. Why? Well, because their music is cool, and if the live show is even 1/1000th like this video, even those wallet-vacuuming prices will seem like a bargain.

And if for some unfathomable reason that doesn't convince you, here's a nice little primer on the band set to music, or more accurately, "machine musik":

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