Friday, August 29, 2008

Ice-skating chimps

That's right: ice-skating chimps.

The website incorrectly labels them as ice-skating monkeys, but they are in error. Chimpanzees aren't monkeys. They're apes.

Anyway. Ice-skating chimps right here. My favorite moment? Right around the 1:10 mark. It involves a rope.


Michael Drivas - Big Brain Comics Minneapolis, MN said...

Way to bury the lede on the music.

If the olympics looked more like this I would have spent a lot more time watching them.

BlogFoot said...

I wanted to save the music track as a surprise to my readers. A noughuty center, so to speak.

RGame said...

Why am I only now finding out that chimps can skate?

The Rocky music is confusing. So is the part at the beginning where it says Part 6. Given those two things, I can only assume the whole video is trying to say something subtle about the latest Rocky movie, but I'm not sure what.