Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm not crazy

Longtime Blogfoot readers are no doubt familiar with my sad quest to unearth information concerning a half-remembered TV campaign JC Penny's did during the 70's featuring a robot wearing jeans to demonstrate how tough and durable the dungarees were.

The product was called "Super Denim," and the character (filmed in live action) was called - to the best of my memory - "Super Dennis." Documentation on this has proved elusive - no youtube videos, no print ads scanned, nothing. Just a few people out there wondering aloud is this thing really existed. Some readers have sent emails and comments stating they remember this too, but thus far, nothing concrete has surfaced. Which has always struck me as odd, considering what a giant repository of worthless gunk the internet is.

Well, as any detective worth his salt will tell you, the key to cracking a tough case is persistence. Hence my googling the words "super dennis" every couple months. And now, finally - a payoff! Someone posted an image on a flicker page of a sticker JC Penny's slapped on the labels of the jeans. Ladies and Gentlemen, here he is - Super Dennis.

Now we have a solid foundation upon which to build our case. Rest assured I will continue to regularly grope for Super Dennis info and post any findings post haste.


L*U*K*E said...

No Super Dennis, but here's some classic Super Denim:

BlogFoot said...

Yeah, I saw that. I'm determined to get a hold of one of those catalogs. I remember TV spots and life-size stand ups of the robot in stores. Why there is so little of it on the web is a continuing mystery to me.

Jonathan said...

I have an audio clip of a super dennis tv commercial from the mid 70s. I can send you an mp3 if you want.

Jonathan said...

i have an mp3 of an old jc penney "super dennis" tv commercial -- let me know where to send it