Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just for kicks

Here's some cool vintage pics of stop motion animation and special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen at work.

Just to keep things straight - the first pic of is Ray animating one of the seven skeletons from the climatic battle in his masterpiece "Jason and The Argonauts," and the second is the big finish in "Valley of Gwangi," wherein an Allosaurus battles an elephant in a Mexican coliseum (?!).

I really like that in both pics Ray is wearing a tie. He got up, put on some nice clothes, ate breakfast and went to go animate things everyday. Pretty neat.


Jeff said...

Too bad so few people take the time to do non-cgi animation now. There are so many 300 type movies where they don't even bother with sets anymore. I think thats why the Wallace and Gromit type movies are so special now. They are hand made.

Dr. Charles Nostrand said...

"Coraline" is a fine example of this sadly-fading tangible approach as well.