Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bigfoot outsourced

A spate ( or rash, take your pick ) of recent sightings of bigfoot-esque hairy giants roaming the jungles of India's remote northeast have prompted authorities there to order an offical investigation, according to an AP News article.

A half-dozen or so villagers have had some mysterious encounters as of late, including a farmer who claims to have seen a whole family of the creatures. "The sight was frightening: two adults and two smallers ones, huge and bulky, furry," he told a reporter. "Their heads looked as if they were wearing caps, and their colour was blackish-brown, he said, adding "The four of them quickly vanished into the undergrowth."

In a related story, 30 Bigfoot were laid off in the Pacific Northwest this week in an apparent cost-cutting move.

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