Wednesday, June 06, 2007

For the young and the young at heart

Yesterday I went to the website of Allied Waste Management, because in my spare time I like to peruse the websites of garbage disposal companies. Who doesn't? Actually, I needed to rent a large roll-off dumpster for some basement renovation I'm about to engage in (goodbye, wood paneled walls and drop ceiling!) and I wanted to see what the rates were compared to the people I had used before for this service.

Anyway, something caught my eye at their website. Something called the "Kids Section." What? Do kids go to this site frequently? Kids who are really interested in waste disposal? And once there, do they crave games and entertainment? Apparently the answer to these questions is resounding "yes" because upon clicking on the link, I was transported to a magical world of fun and excitement.

First of all, we have the lovable Allied Waste mascots, Garbage Gus and Recycle Rosie. Look how happy they are! They are absolutely thrilled to cart away your bags of cat shit, orange peels and milk cartons (by the way, Rosie is the one with pronounced lips and flower in her helmet).

Next up in this dizzying thrill-ride was the "Garbage Gus Maze." It took me 3 times to do it ( I recommend using a pencil ), but the satisfaction I felt at the end was well worth it.

But the excitement doesn't stop there: you can also download the Garbage Gus Word Search, the Recycling Rosie Recycling Maze, The Recycling Rosie Secret Code Puzzle and the Recycling Rosie Word Search. All in all, it offers about 13.7 seconds of entertainment to the very young or sweetly retarded. Fun and frolic await you here. Gird your loins!

Oh yeah - I did end up ordering a dumpster from them, because they were cheaper than the other guys.

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