Monday, June 18, 2007


I don't know if you check out the various snarky celebrity blogs like I occassionally do, but there's been a trend in the last 6 months or so. And that trend is starlets flashing their hoo-hoo's, and then pics of their hoo-hoo's showing up online. And lately Britney Spears has been flashing everything, including this one posted today of her top falling off for the umpteenth time.

Listen...I know these people are followed 24/7 by the papparazzi, and I can see how that level of exposure could result in some mildly embarassing shots. But you could follow me around every day for 5 years and I guarantee you wouldn't get a shot of my honker hanging out. I mean, you might get some shots of me picking my nose, or my hair looking funny, or some toothpaste or ketchup on my face, but that's about it.

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Anonymous said...

Because no papparazzi carries the required microscopic photo tools required to catch your "honker" exposed.

Sorry, I couldn't resist, its like a ball to the groin, always funny.

*disclaimer, as a member of the Franks clan, I can assure you this is parody at its finest. The family traits are legendary.Its much like calling a extremely large man tiny.

I just can't stop.