Monday, June 11, 2007

Godzilla victory jig

This is the dance Godzilla does after he's done kicking your ass:

This clip is from "Invasion of Astro-Monster", a 1965 Godzilla classic (released on the US as "Godzilla VS Monster Zero) which I just got on DVD for a pittance. It also features what may be the greatest costume design for a race of aliens ever captured on celluloid. You can catch a glimpse of one of them at the end of the clip. You may think it's just an asian guy wearing a rubber ring around his neck and sunglasses he borrowed from a member of "The Knack", but trust me, he's really an alien.

1 comment:

austin said...

i think i've seen him to a slight variant of that dance on godzilla v. megalon. totally awesome.