Thursday, March 30, 2006

Asimov warned us about the folly of mixing mechanical pinchers and diapers

Japanese scientists have unvieled their solution to dealing with the swelling ranks of elderly that will soon be laying around and moaning/taking up space in Japan. And that solution is the slowest moving robot you've ever seen in your life. To call this thing unimpressive is to insult unimpressive things everywhere. I mean, if you're going to construct a robot to help old people, shouldn't it in theory be able to move faster than the old people? Is it asking a lot for it to have slightly more wow factor than Twikki from "Buck Rogers?"

"Be Da Be Da Be Da Be...Eat your pudding."

Plus, old people instinctively fear and distrust the new and unknown. Especially technology. Like for instance, robots. They might as well have made the thing curse and blast rap music.

There are times when the current state of technology amazes me (take Playstation 2's "Guitar Hero" game, for instance). This is not one of those times. This is one of those times where you think "I could build that with $37 worth of parts from Radio Shack."

Click here to be amused but certainly not wowed.


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BlogFoot said...

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Infamous J-Bone said...

Now, robots picking up the elderly is one thing- but if we can get these robots to unceremoniously drop them, or record the meandering slow-motion chase scenes as the mentally infirm scream and flee... now that's entertainment.

Anonymous said...

What I think is a gas is that the guy telling the robot to pick up the fake person just ends up putting it back where it was in the fist place.

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