Friday, March 17, 2006

Bigfoot: fact or truth?

The evidence is undeniable. There is a large, hirsute creature stalking the dense forest regions of North America. If you grew up in the 70's you know this to be true.

Skeptical midwesterners will get their chance to have a life-altering face-to-face encounter with this animal soon, because the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization ( or bfro, as it's known to the intelligentsia ), which sponsors many expeditions throughout the year, is staging one in Wisconsin from Jun 22-25. The expedition will occur near Black River Falls, close to the western edge of the state near Minnesota, a mere hour or so drive from my hizzy in the Twin Cities.

Naturally blogfoot will be there for the scientific find of the century. You should be there too, because once I shoot the beast with the Glock my dying father bequethed to me ( thanks Pops! ) I'll need help hauling it back to civilization, seeing as how estimates put the beheamoth's weight at anywhere from 500-800 lbs. Any reader possessing a pick-up truck should contact me.

And to those of you who were unaware that Wisconsin is a hotbed of Bigfoot activity, I forgive you for your ignorance. It's in the media's best interests to cover these things up in order to keep the general population from panicking.

Those so inclined should go to for more information and to have their minds blown.


Anonymous said...

Count the Oeth brothers in. If you let me ride along, I'll bring the plaster and beer.

BlogFoot said...

That's good. You guys have a tent.

Anonymous said...

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