Friday, March 17, 2006

Chimp sells out

Here is a recent picture of a chimp “bussing” Hollywood pixie and “V for Vendetta” star Natalie Portman. The chimp is wearing a Coca-Cola t-shirt in a blatant attempt to hawk the company’s product. The affair with Portman is also no doubt an attempt to generate some publicity.

Now I don’t want to editorialize here, but this kind of crass commercialism is exactly what’s wrong the world these days. Time was, chimps wore suspenders, rode bicycles and did quick backward flips for our amusement. Now they lunch at The Ivy with hot actresses and land lucrative endorsement deals. Cheeta ( Tarzan's sidekick and a chimp who knew what was up – he bit every co-star who came near him ) would be rolling in his grave.


Anonymous said...

Rumors of Cheeta's demise are greately exaggerated. Cheeta is alive, and at age 74, is the worlds oldest chimp.

Leah said...

Is she touching his nipple?

Anonymous said...

I am now obsessed with Cheeta. He even e-mailed me. Sorta.

"Hi Amy: Yes Cheeta is doing fine. Will be 74 April 9th. Dan & Cheeta"

He has his own website
And has joined the ranks of retired actor/artists like Tony Curtis and Peter Falk that enjoy painting in their golden years.

Anonymous said...

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