Friday, June 16, 2006

Cats that look like Hitler

If you like looking at pictures of cats but also nurture an interest in the greatest madman the world has ever known, have I got the website for you. This is something couples can enjoy got cute animals for the ladies, and some war-mongering for the fellas. I suspect that this is not the only Hitler cat website out there, so feel free to google around and dig up more. Though once you've seen 10 cats that look like Hitler, you've kind of seen them all.

This cute and innocuous website was recently lent a somewhat chilling air however, due to the recent revelation made by noted historian Julius Weinrib in his new book "The Bunker" (which describes the last days of Hitler) that The Fuhrer liked to amuse himself by swatting at a ball of string.*

Go forth and wallow in the genocidal cuteness here.

*I made this up


blogfoot bro said...

is Mel Brooks ghost writing this thing?

Smerch said...

I know of a cat that stacks little birdy bodies under the porch.

BlogFoot said...

That sounds more Mengele-esque. I haven't found any cats that look like him.

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