Friday, June 23, 2006

The new Bazooka Joe is crummy

See for yourselves, suckas. The Topps Company, makers of Bazooka Joe gum, have unveiled their "updated" version of the always-chewing mascot Bazooka Joe. And by updated I mean shitty. I understand that in the mid-90's a backwards baseball cap said "rebel", at least to the clueless, but you'd think that by now even corporate America would have caught on to how weak this approach is. At least they kept the eyepatch, though. Apparently the "radical" lifestyle is not without danger. His skateboard must have flipped up and caught him in the eye or something.

I'm not kidding myself...I realize that the old Bazoooka Joe was only so interesting. But it was better than this. This new one reminds me a bit too much of "Poochy", the radical dog character on "The Simpsons" that executives tried to bring in to spice up "Itchy & Scratchy" when ratings started to sag. Homer was hired to be the voice and it failed miserably, and Poochy was sent off into outer space without further explanation. I fear the new Bazooka Joe is here to stay, however.

At the end of the day, it's no huge deal. It's just sad because there's a lot of good artists out there who could have made this good, or at least decent. I shudder to think what they've done to his buddy who wears the turtleneck up over his nose.


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